Business analyst leadership qualities

In my previous post, I said I would create a matrix showing how [expanded] business analyst competencies and leadership qualities can be considered together in order to understand business analyst leadership qualities. Instead, I created a mind map in WiseMapping, a free online mind mapping tool that can also be easily downloaded. (I didn’t spend a lot of time making the mind map pretty. Instead, I wanted to make it comprehensive.)

FYI, the competencies have been slightly adjusted by me, but the original list comes directly from the IIBA Business Analyst Core Competencies Model, v4. The list of qualities comes from a slideshow which can be accessed by a hyperlink included in the map.

So here’s my take. I can see how the business analysis competencies can be directly influenced by the leadership qualities. I can also see how some leadership quality influences are more familiar than others. For example, we’re quite familiar with the idea that a business analyst needs to be focused (leadership quality) in their thinking (business analysis competency). But it’s a less familiar idea that a business analyst needs to be wonky in their learning. Wonkiness in learning, to me, means that a business analyst can adapt different ideas and methods from different industry practices, and understand and empathize with points of view not previously discovered, voiced, or understood.

What familiar and unfamiliar leadership quality influences on business analysis competencies do you see?

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Business analyst leadership qualities

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