Ask questions that open doors

As a business analyst, I ask a lot of questions- not just because I’m a business analyst, but because asking questions is in my nature. My personality, inherently, makes me a great business analyst. I’m always asking why and trying to understand people and things. Sometimes I am personally misunderstood, and accused of giving people the third degree and making them uncomfortable. I don’t mean to do that at all. It’s just that when opinions are expressed or statements are made, I like to understand how that conclusion was ‘got to’. That’s the interesting part. I like to open doors, and see what’s behind them.

Professionally, when asking questions, I want to do so in the most empathetic way possible. I like to start out by saying that I’m going to put my BA hat on. In this way, the other person can understand that by asking my questions, I am acting as a business analyst. I explain that I am not interested in being right, but in doing what is right, and that I need their help in understanding what the right thing to do is. Further, when restating information that was conveyed to me, I sometimes conveniently make a mistake. This encourages the other person to correct me, and reveal information that might have gone unstated or taken for granted.

How do you ask questions that open doors?

Ask questions that open doors

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