Robot overlords are a myth

Without information, people use imagination. I’m not sure if that’s a quote, a saying, or an epiphany that a human was lucky enough to grasp and share with others.

Person thinking about all the questions they have.

In any case, these enlightening words are even more relevant to a business analyst as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) evolves. People often worry that robots will take over their jobs, and that we’ll end up in some sort of apocalyptic nightmare where humans are subject to robot overlords- but what they don’t realize is that robots will add more jobs than they subtract.

Yes, robots will take over functions that are high in volume, follow a prescribed logic, and are not subject to much change. However, people should be happy about this. All the boring and tedious jobs will be assigned to the robots, and all the fun, irregular, thought provoking jobs will remain! Isn’t that great? Just think about all of the time we will have to devote to things we never had time for before. Think about all the time we’ll have to devote to the things that really matter!

This is the message that we as business analysts need to socialize, communicate, and champion as we go about our automation work. Let’s create efficiencies, reduce waste, engineer processes, automate, and create solutions that benefit humans everywhere!

Humans may not always do the same kind of work, but there will always be plenty of work that only humans can do, like

  • building robots
  • building robots that build other robots
  • repairing broken robots
  • forming relationships with other humans
  • having coffee and cake with other humans
  • finding solutions to human problems
  • giving out hugs

Robot overlords are a myth

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