Define your business processes with flowcharts

I like Visio. In the software development world, it’s a staple. But most business people don’t need (or want) Visio to define business (and personal) processes with a flowchart.

There are many online tools that will allow you to create flowcharts for business processes. One tool that is completely free and fairly easy to use is integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and Office 365, which means that once you create a flowchart you can store it easily in your cloud account, and then print it out or share it whenever you need to.

Flowcharts make processes easy to understand by providing a visual representation of the individual steps that need to be accomplished to complete a task.

Create flowcharts to document and communicate all of your business processes, from hiring to closing out the cash register for the night. Recently, I’ve seen flowcharts that show how to prepare meals- but they are not the average looking flowchart. (See below.) Flowcharts don’t need to be boring, i.e. comprised only of boxes, arrows, and text. They can include pictures, videos, links to other documents or websites, or even other flowcharts.

Some business owners have their entire businesses documented in flowcharts!

cooking flowchart

Of course, one of my favorite flowcharts was created by the fictional Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, which explains how to make friends.

The friendship algorithm, bu Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

How do you think flowcharts can benefit your business?

Define your business processes with flowcharts

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