Some common business assumptions, according to Purdue

Below, you can download a Purdue University Cooperative Extension, Knowledge to Go whitepaper published in May of 2005 (according to the date mark) that names some common business assumptions. Though the whitepaper is almost vintage at this point, the information in it is still quite valid. It’s interesting to note that though this information has been around for a while, and is not new, some still struggle to heed these warnings.

Download the white paper here.

As a business analyst, I find #8 to be quite interesting- “Weaknesses won’t matter later on.” The commentary goes on to say,

To help decide which problems and weaknesses to address, decide how large a difference between your projected and actual performance will be acceptable.

So even though the ‘business analysts’ position/role may not have been around in 2005, the work of a business analyst has been.

Man looking in mirror, fishing his assumptions (goldfish) out of his head.
Some common business assumptions, according to Purdue

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